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Jan Francoeur Old Saint Pauls Ink and WC

Jan Francoeur Old Saint Pauls Ink and WC

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In 1840 Gaston contracted with Hardy B. Lane to build the church to the specifications drawn and approved by England. The total cost was $3784.34. The building was completed in 1841, however, due to the death of Bishop England the building was not blessed until the fall of 1844, by the Right Rev. Dr. Reynolds on his first trip to this portion of his diocese. Fr. Croghan notes that in the 1850�s the church was �fully organized, numbering 30 souls. The greater portion of these were converts or the children of converts. The founders of this congregation are all dead and their children, with one exception have all left the place.� His final note was to state that there was a pastoral residence built on the lot for $480. During the time of the Civil war the church was used as such for the Union soldiers. To protect the sacramental records the books were moved to a home out of the city but were updated when they were returned at the end of the War. 110 members. This painting was done by our resident artist, and prints were made.


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