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August Artist of the Month

Kathy Rivera

Kathy Rivera is our August artist of the month.  She has a mixture of originals and prints to share with us.  The breadth of her subject matter is wide.  From the energy of an autumn sky to the gentleness of a vase of delicate blossoms, Kathy captures the opposing diversity of her subject matter.

She fell in love with oils. She has no words to describe how she feels about the painting process. She just gets lost in the process of capturing the feeling of what she wants to portray. Whether it’s the excitement of horses running out of the waves, the serenity of still water, or the intimacy of an interior room, Kathy wants her viewers to feel a part of that mood.

Sometimes she takes photographs to use as references to capture the light like the sun reflections on a table or streaming in the window. Other times, she has an idea in her head, like the horses running out of the ocean. She hopes she pulls the viewer along with her in the story she is painting.

Hand-built Pottery by Rick Hilborn

The Hilborns are well known for their unusual, hand-built pottery. What do we mean by hand building?
Most pottery is made on a potter's wheel. The clay is put on the wheel and it spins around. Using hands or tool, the potter draws the clay up and creates his piece.

These hand-built pieces, on the other hand, are formed by rolling the clay out flat, cutting the desired shape, then forming it by hand or by pressing it into a mold.

Hilborn pottery is lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe. As with all the pottery, start in a cool oven.


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