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Jan Francoeur Print Hay House

Jan Francoeur Print Hay House

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Print from Janet�s original award winning watercolor. Print image measures 12 x 15?. The Robert Hay House, built in the first decade of the 19th century, is modest by comparison to other homes on the Palace complex. Robert Hay, a Scottish immigrant and wagon maker, bought this Federal-style, wood-frame townhouse in 1816, the same year he married Nancy Carney, and resided there until his death in 1850 at the age of 96. Local tax records list this house as �unfinished� when Hay acquired the property for $1,000. The Hay House is a �living history� museum. When you visit, you will get a first-hand feel for life in 1835 by talking with character interpreters who portray Hay household members and neighbors, and by hands-on experiences with the reproduction furnishings of this �Please Touch� museum.


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