Les Pendleton Disintegration

Les Pendleton Disintegration


There truly are Evil people in the world and at times it becomes very difficult to tell these people from everyone else. If there ever was an individual to be frightened of, it would be Doctor K. Suppose someone wanted to harm you so badly that death would be too easy? What would they do to you? Could you be changed against your will so dramatically that you wouldn’t want anyone to find you? If someone will rob a convenience store of ten dollars and shoot the clerk to get a quick hit for their mindless addiction, what will someone do for several hundred million dollars? Will they throw aside family, love, integrity? Just how far will they go? This is a tale of betrayal so complete that even those who discover the truth of what happened cannot believe what they are seeing. As you read this disturbing tale, you will wander the darkest passages the mind can imagine and take so many unforeseen paths, you will not be able to decipher the end of the journey until you are there.

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