Cdglass Hummingbird Chimes 2022

Charlotte’s Daughters Glass Hummingbird Chimes 2022


We all love watching hummingbirds zip from flower to flower. Our hummer is feasting on a hibiscus flower and will remind you of this summer treat once the short season is over and the birds have migrated south. This stunner’s wings were made with iridized blue glass which adds the shimmer we all love in the hummers. The body is shaped out of green glass and the head has a fuchsia throat. A complementary amber tail rounds out this colorful beauty. The dangles are made from the same glasses in the piece and may vary from piece to piece. We recommend taking fused glass items inside during high wind and freezing weather.

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The hummer measures approximately 20 inches long and is 5.5 inches at its widest.

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