Branch & Hallow Large Round Pillar Ocean Spa

Branch & Hallow Large Round Pillar Ocean Spa


These pillar candles are made with a private label, non-toxic vegan and cruelty free paraffin wax, a wonderful choice for those allergic to soy. We use whole Clean Scents, purchased from a company local to North Carolina. These scents are free of Phthalate and exclude known carcinogens included on California’s Prop 65 List. The wicks in our candles are 100% organic cotton and paper.
Ocean Spa. Imagine staying at a spa on the ocean with crisp linens and the salty breeze, this is how I describe Ocean Spa. The clean scent of the candle starts off with the smells of ozone and fresh linen, but like an ocean breeze, there’s an aroma of sea salt and eucalyptus in the air. A clean powder scent with fresh freesia completes the fragrance. This is the perfect Spa Candle. Burn this candle when you need to take a mental break and pamper yourself.

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24 oz.

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