Hanson and Kastles Blossom Vase


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Ken and Ingrid Hanson have worked together since their early college years. Although traditional Italian and Swedishglass-blowing techniques inspire them, they employ a bold and innovative color palette to create their unique andcontemporary art glass.

“We constantly strive to evolve our ideas to create unique and exciting works of art in glass. It is the intensity and unpredictability of hot glass that inspires constant change in our work. Through collaboration, we are able share our visions and skills to create one-of-a-kind works of art.”

Ken and Ingrid melt sand and other raw materials into glass at temperatures exeeding 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. They gather the molten glass onto blowpipes ,then throught the use of heat, gravity, and centrifugal force, the manipulate the glass into beautiful works of art.

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