1818 Farms Lavender Shea Creme

1818 Farms Lavender Shea Creme


The 1818 Farms Shea Creme is our best selling product. Customers love its light and fluffy texture. You know that you have a hit when customers reorder again and again. We are especially proud of the fact that there are just three ingredients in the product: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and an essential oil or fragrance. So many lotions and moisturizers are packed full of ingredients that can’t be pronounced. We made it our mission to create a moisturizer/cream composed of the most basic butters. We wanted a product that we couldn’t live without in our daily skincare routine.

We hand whip and hand package our Shea Creme in Alabama. Our Shea Creme is available in nine scents. Our Lavender Shea Creme uses lavender essential oil to create a mild lavender scent that many customers find soothing and relaxing. It is consistently our top selling Shea Creme scent.

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