Celebration Pottery

Celebration Pottery by Jan Francoeur, our resident artist, is hand painted one at a time with underglazes and fired to 2000 degrees. The pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. Jan has created several series, the original series contains quotes written in calligraphy, often with a house, a garden, a path, and sailboat. Her dark series is flowers with a black background. And finally her nature series depicts the flora and fauna of the swamps of North Carolina and Florida. Jan has a degree in drawing and printmaking from Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan. She and her husband Michael arrived in New Bern in 1989, and she immediately started painting the town. After buying a home in the historic district she created tiles for a backsplash which was the catalyst for Celebration Pottery. They started Carolina Creations shortly after and grew it into an award winning gallery carrying work from local, regional, and national artists. After 26 years they sold the gallery to Virginia Spencer allowing them time to concentrate on their artwork and more time to travel. Jan also writes a blog about her art and travels.

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